December 2015

Place Forzani



Some of the attractions at Toyfest among so many others!

Inflatable Structures

5 huge inflatable structures will be onsite for the amusement of kids.

Trash Pack UFT

Take part in the Ultimate Fighting Trashies by Trash Pack.

The Toyfest Train

Come aboard the Toyfest Train and tour the site in a fun way.

Les Lapins Crétins


Come live an exclusive NHL game experience!

Children’s favourite Mascots

Come meet your favourite characters and capture the joyful moment of your kid!

Arts & Crafts Zone

The Arts & Crafts Zone will present fun activities to keep kids busy, happy and in the discovery mode on some new toys on the market.

La Guerre des Tuques

La Guerre des Tuques’s igloo will be a must see stop. Come and have a full blast snowball fight in company of your favourite Guerre des Tuques mascots.

The Starlight Canada Boutique

The Starlight Canada Boutique will be set at Toyfest if you may want to buy gists or souvenirs. All sales profits will go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada.

Tim Hortons

We are happy to announce that Tim Hortons will be at Toyfest and that 100% of sales will go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. Come savour a delicious coffee or a comforting hot chocolat.

Shopkins Swap Shop


  • 1x Common for 1x Common
  • 1x Rare for 1x Rare
  • 1x Ultra Rare for 1x Ultra Rare
  • 1x Special Edition for 1x Special Edition
  • 5x Commons for 1x Rare
  • 10x Commons for 1x Ultra Rare
  • 20x Commons for 1x Special Edition
  • 5x Rares for 1x Ultra Rare
  • 10 Rares for 1x Special Edition
  • 5x Ultra Rares for 1x Special Edition